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As a Christian Studies major, you’ll study Scripture, 神学, 哲学, 护教学, church history and other subjects and learn how to apply these areas of knowledge to your ministry. 


In our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies program, you’ll study 122 hours of courses, which differ from programs at other universities in the following ways:

  • Intensely practical: While biblical and Christian studies are fascinating subjects, we teach you the practical application of what you study: from interpreting Scripture to practicing ministry through an internship.

  • Solidly biblical: While you learn how to practice ministry, we teach you the biblical foundation of why we minister in particular ways—be it church planting or serving the poor.

  • Veteran, role-model ministers: College of Christian Studies professors practice what they teach. We pastor churches and preach while we teach and write articles, blogs and books on how to minister. And while you’re a student here—and beyond—we’ll shepherd you in your walk with the Lord.

  • 创新: From our visionary dean who founded Preaching Magazine ——的 National Conference on Preaching—to the seven concentrations you can use to shape your ministry, you can prepare at a place that believes in innovative thought.

  • Cost-saving graduate studies: If you pursue our Fast Track BA+MDiv, you can earn graduate school credit while saving money on a graduate degree, which many ministry employers seek.

  • 社区 of supportive peers: Ministry can be lonely, but while you’re preparing—and beginning to serve—you can develop friendships with other students who will encourage you throughout your ministry.


Our whole program is designed to prepare you for professional ministry. Starting with your introductory courses, such as Foundations for Ministry and Introduction to Ministry, you’ll learn tools to obtain and excel in ministry positions. You’ll also take a leadership course and an internship to complete your degree. This course and your hands-on internship will further prepare you for professional work. 除了, the program’s flexibility, which enables you to earn a concentration in Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Women’s Ministry, 任务, 护教学, Preaching or Biblical Studies, will give you an expertise to add to your resume. One more thing: that internship; it has turned into a full-time job for many 澳门永利国际赌场 grads or it connects you to a network of folks who love connecting bright grads to job opportunities.